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Probate And Settling An Estate

To the general public, probate law is a subject shrouded in mystery. For many of us, the only time we have even heard the term probate is when an estate planning attorney is suggesting that we should try to avoid it. For some of us, the first time we have ever heard of probate is after a loved one has passed away, and we are forced to reckon with it.

In fact, probate is nothing to be afraid of. With help from a good attorney, you can manage probate issues and honor the wishes of your loved ones.

As a probate and estate administration lawyer in Cartersville, Georgia, my goal is to help people through what can be a time-consuming process, such as filing paperwork, meeting deadlines and resolving issues when they arise.

What Is Probate?

Probate is the legal process that governs the transfer of property after a person’s death. The process is overseen by a probate court.

If the person left no will, the probate court must handle the process itself, distributing the estate to heirs, according to predetermined guidelines under state law. This is a time-consuming, costly process, and those costs come out of the estate, leaving less to be distributed amongst the heirs.

If the person left a valid estate plan, the will appoints an executor or personal representative to be in charge of administering the estate. This can include settling accounts, tracking down heirs, paying taxes and other paperwork.

How I Can Help

I help executors and other clients with a variety of issues in probate and estate administration, including filing paperwork, paying taxes, resolving disputes over inheritance rights and more.

If you are facing issues in probate and estate administration, you don’t have to face them alone. Call the Blalock & Everhardt Law Firm at 678-322-7426. You can also contact my office by email.