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Decades Of Experience

At the Blalock & Everhardt Law Firm, my law office in Cartersville, Georgia, I represent people from all walks of life, helping them resolve their issues in criminal defense, family law, probate and other legal areas.

I have been a lawyer for nearly 30 years and have worked closely with a wide range of legal issues. Earlier in my career, I served as chief magistrate judge for the state of Georgia, giving me a deep understanding of how legal cases appear from the other side of the bench.

I draw on all my knowledge and experience when I am representing people today. When you are my client, I learn about your goals and explain your legal options. I know the strategies and procedures that can help, and I can give you honest advice about your chances. I develop a plan that is customized exactly for your case and your goals, and then I work hard to put it into place.

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Criminal Defense

When you are facing criminal charges, you need to talk to a defense attorney as soon as you possibly can. The police are well-trained in techniques designed to get you to talk, and the prosecution knows how to use anything you say as evidence against you.

I defend the rights of people accused of crimes, helping them find the best strategies to beat the charges against them, or at least to minimize the damage a conviction can do to their personal and professional lives. I help people with a variety of issues in criminal law, including drunk driving charges, drug charges, misdemeanors and felonies.

Family Law

Family law is a broad category that covers issues related to marriage, domestic relations and children. These, of course, are very personal issues and it’s normal for people involved in these cases to feel strong emotions. However, your finances and relationship with your children can be permanently affected by the way you resolve your divorce, child custody dispute or other issues in family law. It is crucial that you have help from an attorney.

I treat my family law clients with compassion for what they are going through as I cut through the emotional aspects of their cases and focus on what is most important. My goal is always to help them reach a resolution that respects their rights and provides for their future happiness.

Probate And Estate Administration

It’s always a tough time coping with the loss of a loved one. If you have been appointed as an executor of a will, or otherwise need help with estate administration and probate, you maybe feeling overwhelmed.

I help executors and other clients to settle affairs and carry out their loved ones’ wishes by taking care of issues in probate and estate administration. I file paperwork, meet deadlines and resolve disputes when or if they arise.

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